Our Services in the Equestrian Sector

Fen Farm Pest Control are considerably experienced in the Equestrian world and fully understand how to discretely and safely control vermin in a working stable yard, without compromise to animal or human safety.

An important consideration for the responsible equestrian yard owner or manager is that the cleanest of stable yards will not be immune to the invasion of vermin, these pests do not discriminate! We strongly advise a proactive and robust pest management programme in these environments in order to keep them pest free. This is of paramount importance for the health of the horses as well as to prevent structural damages to the property and equipment that can be very expensive to repair or replace.

Pest control at equestrian properties require careful consideration and approach, with minimal disruption of the daily activities at the stables as well as appropriate treatment methods and timing, safe for the animals and people visiting the stables. This can range from controlling rats and mice around the yard to clearing the paddocks of rabbits and moles, whilst also controlling flies throughout the stables and the muck heap.

Rat & Mice Control

Rats and mice have an amazing ability to adapt to most environments, and will readily move into buildings if given the slightest opportunity – a gap of just 7mm is enough for mice to squeeze through.

  • They can cause extensive damage to buildings and property as a result of their gnawing activities. Expensive saddlery and rugs etc. can be ruined by the habits of rats and mice. Doors can and have been, gnawed through by rats and mice in order to gain entry.
  • In addition, rodents are often carriers of fleas and a wide range of diseases, such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis, which can be passed onto humans, horses and pets. Animal foodstuffs can be ruined or contaminated by small animal vermin. This in turn becomes an expensive waste of money.
  • They are very versatile when it comes to building their nest. Utilizing many different materials, a rodent nest can be made from rugs, tack, and feed bags, in fact whatever they can obtain. They will make their home in your animals’ bed if left undisturbed for long enough.
  • Mice are totally omnivorous, in other words they will eat anything, even the tack hanging in the tack room. Areas favoured by rats and mice are food storage and preparation areas, tack rooms and storage areas, but especially straw, silage and hay barns.
  • Rats and mice can and will run down or along the walls of your stables into your horses mangers or feed bowl and clean up after your horse, gaining a free meal every few hours without having to try too hard.

With the extensive experience that we have in equestrian pest control, we provide not only a first class pest control service, but also advice on any matters relating to stable hygiene and pest control management.

Rodent Structural Damage

Fly Control

Flies represent one of the most troublesome insect pests around horses and stables, as they are attracted to manure heaps which they use as breeding grounds, and transmit parasites as well as other disease pathogens to horses. Flies live, feed and breed in places where germs, bacteria and transmissible diseases thrive. It is hence vitally important to have a robust and proactive fly control programme in place as part of every horse care routine.

When not controlled properly, the fly population in and around stables and yards can grow very rapidly during the summer months when the weather conditions are ideal for breeding, causing bites and irritation to both horses and their riders. .

With our experience in the equestrian sector, we would not only be able to implement an effective and suitably adapted fly control programme, but also provide advice on how to manage an environment which would be naturally conducive to attracting these pests.

Rabbit & Mole Control

Rabbits not only compete with horses for grazing, but also create a major hazard to horses and their riders by digging holes in the ground. Horses tripping and falling due to rabbit holes can sustain serious injuries that can in the worse case lead to the potential loss of a valuable animal, and also result in expensive vet bills to their owners.

Likewise, moles also represent a hazard in any equestrian environment, compromising the safety of the horse and owner due to the underground tunnels and uneven ground they create. Molehills also present an opportunity for unwelcome weeds to get established, taking up valuable grazing space.

It is essential to contact a professional pest control company to get rid of the rabbits and moles in your paddock, gallop or school, ensuring that they are familiar with horses and livestock, as safety in this environment is essential.


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